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If someone calls you a name, it might rock you to the center of your being. When you were a child, you like most others were likely to experience the aggressiveness of others in the school yard. You probably did not really care that much about the individual that was pestering you but you did care about what the teachers and the community thought. We are inclined to want to control how we are perceived so that our reputation and popularity are consistent.
Anger can become an issue in your life when you cannot control situations to your satisfaction. One only needs to look at a political campaign to see how bad mud-slinging can get. There are many lessons that we can learn from political candidates and the first of which is to not take our opposition too seriously.
I remember well when Ronald Reagan’s age was brought up in a pre-election debate with Walter Mondale and his response to an attack about his “age” was something unexpected. He said “I will not make an issue of the youth and inexperience of my opponent.” The audience roared and he stayed totally peaceful and unaffected by the verbal attack.
You can be presidential in your own life and be the Commander-in-chief of yourself which is no small undertaking. You will be amazed at the power there is in your life when you disallow the waste of time that anger is.
While quick reactions to the onslaught of others is very powerful, the insidious conspirator can be within and an ongoing campaign of competence is foundational to your success. Understanding ones feelings is a good battle strategy. If you explore any emotions, hurts and fears that come to you, you can know your strengths and weaknesses and thereby ready yourself for whatever is to come.
The Boy Scouts of America has the motto “be prepared”. It is a noble goal for all of us because when we have been diligent and considerate of ourselves and others, we optimize the potential for good in the lives of many. May each reader take the time today to smile at someone who is least like them, compliment someone who is trying hard to help people and thank God for all the blessings, challenges and choices that we have. Live is good when we live it without any anger.


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