What is Google Adwords?

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What is Google Awords
What is Google AdWords?
Google AdWords, Google and the advertising budget, no matter what
fast and simple way of advertising partners. AdWords
ads with search results on Google and growing Google
Located on the Network, AOL, EarthLink, HowStuffWorks, and Blogger as
displayed in the search and content sites. Searches on Google
and displayed on the Google Network each day, your Google AdWords
ads reach a vast audience.
An AdWords ad on Google and search partners, will be published
When you create, you can choose keywords, your ad will appear
and the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each click
specify. Only when a user clicks on your ad

When you create an AdWords ad that will be published on the Content Network,
you want your ad to appear as the exact content placements
You can choose your keywords or content-based targeting
allow mapping of the content. For each click (CPC) or
for every thousand times the display of the ad (CPM as an offer
called) you can pay.

In order to save you even more AdWords Discounter
achieve the lowest cost needed to maintain your ad’s position
to pay the actual cost per click (CPC) is automatically
lowers. AdWords Discounter, which is viewing or bidding method
choose to continue to work regardless.

Do not have to pay a minimum monthly charge with AdWords  just a very low
an activation fee. Text, image and video ads to be
and do you have to choose from a variety of ad formats
using the account Control Center in the reports
easily track your ad‘s performance.

Google AdWords advertising publishing
very good detection of the target audience is very important
irrelevant to the audience for an audience to determine the effective ad management forGoogle Adwords is not.
  The right to determine the target audience, heef audience demographic, geographicregions in benefits for sales to be determined.
rise to a right to sell your time, right place, the audience will make the right choice for use in advertising önemliir gogle Awori.

To learn more about Google AdWords or ads
Visit the AdWords homepage to start creating.

For more information: https: / / adwords.google.com / support / bin / answer.py? answer= 6084 & topic = 115



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