Ways You Can Save Money- Pt 2

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The many other ways that you should be able to save money is on your electric bill, cut down cooking in the summertime, by not using your range so often or using  it at all for that matter. Cook on your grill instead. It cuts the cost of your bill in half and the food taste great to. If you have internet, cable, home phone service. With this, you can bundle your plan, or you can just have cable and internet, if you have a cell phone. That will cut the cost as well.

But you only use the cell phone for making and receiving calls. Otherwise your bill is going to be same as if you had cable, internet, homephone, cell phone all on the same plan. Then what would be the point in decreasing any bills at all? Please do not cut one bill out just to pick up the same amount on another addition. Then, you would have wasted your money. If you need something to drink, buy in bulk.

If you need something to eat for lunch, take what you buy from the grocery store and save money each day on eating out for lunch. Now that really is a money saver. Iron your clothes yourself instead of taking them and allowing someone else to do it. Take the bus to work, save on gas. Shop sometime at the thrift shop, all the clothing in there is not used they have a lot of new items. Trust me, I checked.

Make your own milk from powdered milk, it is cheaper than a regular gallon of milk. So don’t be fooled into thinking what you see is what you get. There are always cheaper ways of going about doing things in your life if you have to or would like to take that route for a short period of time. If you get use to saving money and want to keep on doing things the cheap way, I say that is good to. Though there will be times in your life where you just can’t go the cheaper route. When times are hard, these are the few techniques I would suggest to anyone.

No one has to know anything about what you are doing. Simply put it is none of their business anyway. So the next time you feel as if you are in over your head, or living well beyond your means, try gradually adjusting to a lesser expensive way of life until you can do better. These techniques have worked for many people. I hope they work for you.


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