This Easter is Hot

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In England, it is not unusual to have cold, windy, and rainy weather at Easter.It is too early in the year to expect more than a glimpse of the sun, and probably a good idea to take your raincoat and a fleece if you are going out for the day. Well that is what I thought until a couple of weeks ago.

For a while now, the seasons appear to have been changing. Certainly the past couple of winters have been colder than I can remember before, have lasted longer, and started earlier, with temperatures habitually below freezing. But 2011 has started off completely differently, and it’s much better.

We still had a very cold winter, and deep falls of snow, bringing with it all trials and tribulations that trying to get out to walk and drive the car causes. But instead of the cold weather lasting well into May like last year, 2 weeks ago, the weather started to get milder.

This is what Happened in 2011

A beautiful daffodilA beautiful daffodil

As the buds burst forth, and the colourful blossoms covered the branches of the trees, the sun came out, and not content with just a glimmer now and then, it shone purposefully, day after day, as if anxious to remind us that it still exists after all the winter greyness, and the blustering winds.

This week, as it led up to Easter, when many people take the opportunity to go on holiday because the children are off school, I held my breath, expecting the weather to go downhill, but no, it just got hotter and hotter. Out came my shorts and sun spray, and today the temperatures reached 27 degrees, which for April is phenomenal.

When I walked my dog on the beach, I saw children splashing in the water, whooping with joy, but also squealing because the water was cold. But they didn’t care. The ice cream sellers are everywhere, the Crazy Golf is up and running, and there are tables outside the pubs and restaurants filled with people, eating, drinking, and enjoying the sun.

And what a beautiful time of year it is, with everything fresh and new. Daffodils hold their golden petals to the sun, and in the woods, carpets of bluebells greet us, and even the shy crocus emerges. Baby lambs play in the fields, and Easter bunnies skip happily around.

I know, of course, that this won’t last. The weather can change at any moment, but in the meantime, I will embrace it. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE


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