20 Mother's Day Gifts From The Heart: NO Money Necessary

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In a tough economy, many families are forced to cut back on holiday gifts and cards, but there are still many ways to say Happy Mother’s Day without spending any money whatsoever. Mothers love homemade gifts, acts of love and time shared with their children. That is all that is necessary to make your Mom smile on Mother’s Day.

  1. Make a card. Use your creativity to make your mother a personalized card that speaks to her individuality and character. Express your love in a crafty card.

  2. Pick wild flowers. A flower is a flower is a flower. Does it matter whether the flower comes from a floral shop or freshly picked in the woods–no. A small bouquet wrapped in a piece of ribbon says I love you just as well as roses wrapped in plastic–if not better! Many women prefer wild flowers. Add sprigs of wild greenery to make a larger, fuller bouquet.

  3. Dig up some bulbs or pansies and plant them in a recycled pot. Pots can be painted to make them look new and fresh. Use a spring design with ladybugs or wild flowers on it.

  4. Bake and wrap up some homemade cookies, brownies or pies and cobblers. Men aren’t the only ones who enjoy gifts for the tummy.

  5. Weed Mom’s Garden: Who wouldn’t want their garden spring weeded. A wonderful gift of labor and love.

  6. Housecleaning: Come over and help Mom clean house. Or if she wouldn’t mind, just surprise her when she is out and let her come home to a clean house. Leave a Mother’s Day note of love from the Cleaning Fairy.

  7. Run Errands: Some Moms have trouble driving or work long hours and have little time to spare. Offer to run errands for your mom.

  8. Prepare a Candle Lit Bubble Bath: Anyone can do this for their mother. Give her time to relax. Prepare a warm bubble bath with lit candles lining the tub. Lay out her robe, a fresh towel, a good book or magazine and then lead her blindfolded to her peaceful bubble bath. Turn on soothing music and keep the house quiet.

  9. Share Time with Mom: There is no greater gift than to share quality time with your mom. Go window “looking” and just spend time chatting.

  10. Make a Bookmark: Using recycled paper and art supplies, make a bookmark or two if your mom enjoys reading books.

  11. Go Hiking: Take a drive to the country or the mountains and go for a short hike

  12. Go Shutter-Bugging: If you and your mother enjoy snapping nature photographs together then make the time to go for a walk in the park and take some new photos. You can create a mother’s day photo album of your outing later.

  13. Paint Mother & Child Portraits: It doesn’t matter whether you are artistic or not. Use watercolor paints and sit across from each other. Paint your best mother and child portraits of each other. When you are finished you can hang them on the wall to remember the fun you had together.

  14. A Good Cup of Tea: Fix a hot cup of tea and bake some homemade tea cookies. Have a tea party with your mom and spend time catching up on each other’s lives.

  15. Remembering the Good Ol’ Days: Get out the photo albums or the ol’ home movies and spend an afternoon remembering all the wonderful times you shared together over the years. Pop up some popcorn and make some hot cocoa.

  16. Mother’s Day Supper: Moms love having others cook supper once in a while. Plan a meal from the items in the cupboard and hit the kitchen. Set a lovely table complete with pretty dishes, glasses, utensils and napkins. Serve up a delicious dessert.

  17. Wash the Car: Detailing is expensive, but you can do a great job yourself. Wash the exterior of the car and then clean the inside. Your mom will appreciate having a clean vehicle to drive to work or to run her daily errands in.

  18. Mother/Daughter Pampering: You can help each other to try a new hair style or grab some nail polish and give each other pedicures. Paint those toes pretty and enjoy each other’s company.

  19. Do a Chore: Mothers have many chores. Offer to do one or more of those chores for her or surprise her and clean your room without being asked to.

  20. Day with Friends: Secretly arrange for your mother’s friends to share in a girls day with your Mother. You can have them meet in a designated place, supply a picnic lunch secretly in your Mom’s trunk or with one of her friends and then let her spend a carefree afternoon with her friends while you clean house and prepare supper for later.

There’s no shortage of ideas and thoughtful ways to show your mother how much you love and appreciate her on Mother’s Day. She will remember your gift for years to come.

COPYRIGHT © 2011 Cherie Kuranko ~ “InkSpot”

All Rights Reserved.


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