Radim Uzel: Human Fear is a Difficult Business

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Lidé pod vlivem senzačních zpráv odmítají i to, co jim může pomoci

And what about the next blockbuster?The use of electronic devices increases the incidence of brain tumors.Preventive vaccination against infectious disease kills thousands of children each year.Sadistic obstetricians separates from the mother after the birth of a child.

Makes him the lifelong psychological trauma.And we could continue.People are keen to devour these reports.And reject contraception, vaccination or normal childbirth.For all evil in the world can a criminal conspiracy of pharmaceutical companies.These criminals, we are fed chemicals to hasten our departure to eternity.In the lee of the pending unfair business industry with non organic burial coffins.

Of course it may happen that a user of oral contraceptives dies of embolism, as in her family history of congenital disorder of blood clotting, called Leiden mutation.But it can be easily avoided if the doctor does a careful family history of the patient, then finds her parents’ health problems.When the risk of hereditary burden turns out to be high, it sends the blood tests that can detect this defect.

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When you use the latest technology is accompanied by a kind word, a friendly smile and a caress, or the charlatans, astrologers have a chance to win over serious medicine. >

The hospital is often sufficient to treat pregnant women staff friendly.Home births will then look as archaic as an effort to light torches.The popularity of alternative medicine reveals the greatest weakness of recent technical achievements.When their use is accompanied by a kind word, a friendly smile and a caress, or the charlatans, astrologers have a chance to win over serious medicine.

It is true that sales of automatic washing machines inordinately richer by their manufacturers?Of course.Perhaps because we washed the Valše?Using shoes contribute again unfair profits shoe factories.Rather then stay barefoot?Hormonal contraception also is not free, and pharmaceutical ointments complexes have pockets.So was it the South American rainforest tree bark chewing Cabeza de negro!After all, contains female hormones.

Horror of estrogen in water

The artificially produced by man’s fear earn various eccentrics.The folk healers, astrologers and it’s part of their methods and fulfillment.Sadder is when you need to worry about a hidden desire to make use of professional women failed unrecognized midwife or doctor.Few patients visit specialists in psychosomatic medicine, who is seriously involved in the correlation of physical and mental problems.

Recently appeared in a magazine psychogynekoložka.Reminisces about the last “man” policy, Paroubek and Topolanek.Today’s men apparently suffer from a noticeable effeminacy.Some even have breasts the size of two.Why?Because drinking water with estrogen.The rivers and drinking water and the two hormones were given from birth, or from the urine of women.The current wastewater treatment plant is it can not be removed.

Scientists who understand the problem, a similar claim, and may explain why it is different.That does not mean that someone how outrageous profits to gain from this situation bra industrial complex.


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