Bullion Coins To Add To Your Coin Collection

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Bullion coins are those coins that are extremely rare and limited in nature. These coins mostly found either in ancient remains or shipwrecks. Many people who collect coins are interested in collecting bullion coins.

The most well known bullion is the silver bullion. This category of bullion sells exceedingly well on the internet apart from coins that are deemed to be very expensive and valuable all over the world. 

Among the highly priced coins that are sold on the internet, the silver ingot is very popular. The history of the silver ingot is that it was found in Atocha, the Spanish ship that had sunk. When the ship was found several years later, they found that the ship contained artifacts and treasures among which were the silver ingots. However, some others contest that the silver ingots actually were found at an ancient mining area in Colorado. Apparently, miners found coins almost everywhere and it is also believed that miner hid several coins.      

The officially sealed, silver coins with the motifs of maple leaves are another popular category among coin collectors. This category of coins hails from the Canadian Royal Mint and includes the half dollars with the Walking Liberty and the first-strike of U.S. Eagles of 1994 dealer roll. All these coins were the collection of over 100 masterpieces of Franklin Mint memorabilia.       

A majority of bullion coin collectors are fond of the gold bullion. Some of the most popular gold bullion coins amongst coin collectors are – the South African Krugerrands, the European Crown that was released between 1800s and early 1900s. The other coins that are also popular include the U.S .A’s Eagle coins and Canada’s Maple Leafed coins. Even Britain’s Sovereigns, France’s Roosters and Switzerland’s Helveteas are very popular bullion items amongst coin collectors all over the world.  

On the Internet, the magnificent 10-oz gold bar from Switzerland, America’s eagle proof and China’s gold panda are very popular and are regarded as the most viewed coins online. There are other gold bullion coins that can be found like the Mixed Lots, American eagle, Bars, Rounds, and other categories that can be easily found on some online sites on the internet. 

Hence, if you are an avid coin collector and are interested in adding some bullion coins in your collection, then it is a good idea to do a reasonable amount of background reading up on these coins.

Finally, with the right bullion coins, you can take your coin collection to a whole new level.  


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