Using A 35Mm Camera

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There has been very fast development in the past few years with film and equipments working together to evolve novel techniques of clicking pictures. 35mm film or even known as 135 film is used for taking still photographs as well as moving pictures. The 35mm camera was introduced in 1934 and remained the best seller till the end of the 1960s and even today enjoys a lot of popularity.

It adheres to the industry standards and the general film format is 24x36mm which allows a gap of 2mm between frames. The normal length of the roll is 36 exposures but you can also use 12 or 24 exposure films in the present day 35mm camera. You will also find that some of the disposable 35 mm cameras use 6, 8, 10 or 15 exposure films.

Initial still 35mm film camera, which became popular amongst people, was the American Tourist Multiple, which was launched in 1913. It was very expensive for its time. Leica 35mm camera which was introduced in 1925 was the product which sealed the success of such kind of camera. It was a German produced 35 mm camera which fast turned into a status symbol and was congratulated for its tiny form, top quality lens and high levels of production.  Leica continued to be popular and was widely used by professional photographers like the photojournalists, fashion photographers as well as art photographers like Henri Cartier Bresson.

German built Kodak Retina, which was the foremost 35mm camera which used the contemporary film cartridge was introduced by Kodak Company in 1934, and is familiar for the camera users even today. The next significant innovation was during the 60s when Nikon launched the Nikon F SLR. This started the Single Lens Reflex system, the technology which went forward to dominate photography. This kind of camera was much more user friendly as it has functions like viewfinder, auto-focus as well as auto motor drive to move the film.

There has been a huge impact of the introduction of digital on the Digital SLRs camera market. There has been a decrease in the cost of the 35mm camera and they are also going in popularity. They blend the handiness of a digital camera with the quality and flexibility of an SLR. The camera and the film market of today are shared by several brands including Canon Kodak, Sony, Fuji, Olympus and Nikon.


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