What To Give As 60Th Birthday Gift?

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In just a few months my father is going to be 60 years old. He is not very happy about it and has begun noticing more of his gray hairs protruding from his scalp. He suffers from more body aches and pains as compared to before and is in fact dreading the birthday this year and I can’t blame him for that. I and my family have decided to give a surprise birthday party for him and have a large celebration that day. It is being organized in a conference room of a hotel and surprisingly it will just cost us around $300 all inclusive. I have been thinking hard to think of some ideas as 60th birthday gifts which will please him and not be insulting. I am also hoping that our guests don’t convert it into an evening which will make him more depressed than happy by giving gag gifts.

It is not easy to find a lot of games or ideas on how to celebrate a 60th birthday party. I will not want it to be boring but if you see what can one really do in a party where maximum guests are elderly and can be labeled as stuffy and boring. In fact I would prefer if guests did not bring 60th birthday gifts for him based on his age. On the other hand the party is not about giving him gifts but a celebration for the milestone he has come to. If people give him 60th birthday gifts which are gag things then it is more of teasing him than celebrating the occasion.

Finally I have been able to find some wonderful 60th birthday gifts which I can get for him. There is a very nice gift basket which has things from his birth year. It contains a song CD with songs which were hit in the year of his birth,  page with newspaper headline, coins and some other items like that. It costs around $100, but I feel when compared to other 60th birthday gifts I can think of this is an excellent option and a gift he will like. I think I will also put together a photo album with pictures of all these years with that. All his childhood pictures which are scattered all over the house can be put together in one place.  I will take help from a friend of mine who is good at scrapbooking and make a decorative album cover.

This will make a momentous 60th birthday gift for him. 


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