How To Use The On Screen Keyboard On Your Computer

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If you are like me, your keyboard on your laptop screwed up and you need to get on to your computer to transfer some of your information to another computer. My laptop keyboard broke and I had to figure out how to use the on screen keyboard on my laptop computer. Good thing my hacker nephew was around to direct me in the right direction. Follow my directions and you too will be able to use your laptop with a broken keyboard.

What You Will Need

  • Your laptop with the broken keyboard

  1. Turn your laptop on and wait for the screen to come up

  2. Tap the stop watch on the bottom left corner of the screen

  3. Circle-type without keyboard

  4. Click OK

  5. The online on screen keyboard will come up on your laptop

  6. Use the on screen keyboard to log into your computer

When you log on to your laptop computer, the online keyboard may disappear, but do not despair because you can get the on screen keyboard back so you can accomplish what you want to with your broken laptop.

  1. Click the start button

  2. Click on all programs

  3. Click on Accessories

  4. Click on ease of access

  5. Click on the on screen keyboard, your on screen keyboard will come back on to the screen of your laptop.

  6. Use the on screen keyboard to do all the things you need to do on your laptop. You can do everything you have to do on your computer normally with the on screen keyboard. It may be unusual to you, it may take practice, but you can do what you need to do until you order another keyboard for your laptop


  • Always have another laptop on hand just in case you break something on your own personal laptop

  • It is a good idea to buy an external hard drive to save all your important documents on in case your computer breaks

  • Many people don’t know that they have an on screen keyboard which they can use if their keyboard on their laptop breaks

  • You can continue to use your laptop with the on screen keyboard until you buy a replacement keyboard, sometimes you have to wait until the price of the keyboard goes down

  • You can also do this same process on your regular PC 


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