Clearflite Air Purifiers

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There is a high chance that if you hear about air purifiers, the first thing that comes in your mind may be the ones from companies like Oreck or Sharper Image since they are well known; but have you heard of ClearFlite? When you go out to buy the air purifier, you should look around for all kinds of manufacturers who offer quality products and not just the very popular ones.

ClearFlite, even it is not yet a popular company, has already got some significant share in selling a variety of air purifiers. The benefit of having a purifier from ClearFlite is that their products are not made in the traditional way. They are made keeping in mind those people who may need a special kind of purifier, especially people who have a smoker in the house or who live with a pet. This means that the air purifiers are specially made to treat the harmful particles emitted by smoking or pets together with other harmful bacteria that can be found in the home.

ClearFlite normally is in the business of distributing the air purifiers made by different companies; however they distribute the purifiers in small quantities since they are not in the business to make money but to make sure that they offer the air purifiers of the best quality. This is the reason why ClearFlite air purifiers are always on the top and customers are satisfied. By now, you can find different purifiers in the ClearFlite range in the market like Blueair Air Purifiers, Allerair, IQAir, Austin Air Purifiers, Friedrich Air Purifier and Air-o-Swiss Air Purifier. These models are highly recommended and well rated by customers.

The price of the purifiers depends on the maker and the model you have chosen. You can find a good purifier between $100 and $700 and according to the type you have chosen, you can get a purifier which does not need filter replacements or the one that has been designed with HEPA technology.

Most of the time, the person who buys an air purifier, wants it for his own use. However, if you want to buy it for someone else and you are not sure if he is going to like the one you choose for him, you can pay for a gift certificate with ClearFlite and the person will be able to choose one he wants according to the payment you made for the ClearFlite gift certificate. Make it a wonderful gift of pure air!


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