Hamilton Beach Trueair Air Purifiers

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With each day more and more people decide that they need air purifiers to use in their businesses or in their homes. Since many people are becoming more aware of the benefits of breathing clean and healthy air, you may be one of those people who will be looking for air purifiers in the near future. If you have not yet decided to own a purifier or if you have decided to buy one but you still have some problems deciding which air purifier to choose; before deciding you may want to learn about the Hamilton Beach TrueAir air purifiers.

Hamilton Beach TrueAir is one air purifier that is manufactured by Hamilton Beach. If you are looking for them online, you may find that in some places the name Hamilton Beach is used, while in others places the name used is TrueAir to refer to them. So the next time you see the two names used, remember that they refer to the same thing. When you want to buy Hamilton Beach TrueAir online, you can use either of the above names for your search.

According to the Hamilton Beach TrueAir website, Hamilton Beach now offers 4 different air purifiers – High Efficiency Air Purifier, Ionic Air Purifier, Ultra UV Air Purifier and Compact Air purifier.

When you purchase the Ionic Air purifier, one of Hamilton Beach TrueAir air purifiers; you will not be required to buy filters for replacement since its filters only need a regular vacuum without having to replace it. The benefits of this type of Hamilton Beach TrueAir is that it can clean a room of 180 square feet and looks like any other modern air purifier designed to fit in any modern home. The best part if that this purifier can be found for as cheap as $140.

High Efficiency Air Purifier, another popular type of Hamilton Beach TrueAir air purifier uses a HEPA filter which is replaceable. HEPA filters are the best filters ensuring the best of performance. This air purifier can be found for $110 with HEPA filter replacements priced at $60.

Compact air purifier, another type of Hamilton Beach TrueAir air purifiers are small in size making them ideal to be moved from one room to another. It can be purchased for $70 without the replacement filters.

The Ultra UV air purifier from Hamilton Beach TrueAir comes in various models; it is highly recommended and easy to maintain. 


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