Custom Containers Are Available

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Custom containers are not just containers of irregular sizes but also those containers which have been rebuilt into garbage bins, houses or shops. Containers here are the big 20’x8’x8’ or even bigger boxes which are used for transporting all kinds of items from heavy machinery to numerous small trinket cartons in a box.

Containers are extensively used in global trade as they are very convenient. Containers are packed and then custom sealed in the factory before being transported by road, rail, ship or air to far off places in a sealed condition which is opened only when they reach the destination. They are manufactured in uniform dimensions and have specialized handling equipments which make it convenient to shift the containers from the vehicle to the location or the other way round. With the evolution of containers, there has been a dramatic improvement in the efficiency of transport logistics.

It is a very viable economic proposition to use the container for transporting different merchandise; it is not feasible economically to transport them back when they are empty. Some containers which come in can be used again to shift merchandise out but not many are used. The reason behind it is unbalanced trade and empty containers generally pile up especially on high import places.

It can be a problem to store all the empty containers and there is a need to convert them so that they can have other uses. Here are some ways to re-use them as custom containers.

Use as Container Houses: If you have a 20 feet by 8 feet by 8 feet empty container it can convert into a 9’x6’ living room. This can hold a folding bed, some chairs which can be folded against the wall, a small kitchen, a counter as well as a toilet. It will be a little cramped but can be used as living quarters especially on the worksites.45’x8’x9.5′ container is a good size and can convert into a bigger room with  more facilities. You can fit the custom container according to your needs with heating and electricity.

These containers can be used a small eating joints, mobile shops or any other kind of commercial establishment. It is also possible to build more levels by stacking one container over another.

Garbage Containers: This is a very good use as a custom container. It is quite simple to convert empty containers which are wasting space into useful garbage containers which can also be moved in container trucks, and managed with regular container handling gear. Filled garbage containers can be shifted and cleaned by opening one end which has the door.


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