About Acoustic Guitars

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Guitar has been a popular musical instrument in some form or the other for hundreds of years and the principal on which it works has been used for ages. The term “acoustic guitar” is a Retronym as all earlier guitars were acoustic. It was only after the evolution of the electric guitar, it became important to make a distinction. Acoustic means a guitar with a hollow body which does not have any electric amplification.

Acoustic guitars comprise of 6 strings which are typically metallic or plastic in nature.  They produce different frequencies of notes E, A, D, G, B, and E. If you see an expensive guitar the top plates are designed from cedar or spruce and the rear and sides are made with maple, Brazilian rosewood or mahogany as they are hard woods which aid in getting better sound. Acoustic guitars which come in a lower price range generally have solid tops and laminated sides and back. Basic acoustic guitars are completely finished in laminated wood. There is a round hole on the top cover of the acoustic guitar which is important for the sound which is produced while the guitar strings control the tone and the pitch.

Different wood combinations as well as the quality of the wood used contributes to a great extend to the sound which comes from the acoustic guitar. The construction and design also plays an important role in the sound. If you get a well designed guitar, its tone will improve with the passage of time and this also reflects the quality of craftsmanship which has been used in constructing the instrument. Music enthusiasts may be interested in vintage acoustic guitars which are really sought just by collectors but also by guitar players who like to keep a legend. You can invest in Gibson guitars, whether you want a contemporary classic or a real vintage collection. You can get more information on the official website of Gibson Guitars at gibson.com. Check out their complete collection of quality electric and acoustic guitars, accessories or any other item you need for your passion.

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