What Is Value of The Coins in Your Collection

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There are several resources that lend themselves useful to coin collectors who wish to assess the worth and the values of the coins. Books like the ‘Red Book’ and the ‘Blue Book’ act as guide book and handbook for coin collectors respectively. Moreover, there are several catalogues and newsletters that are available in any coin store and/or library all over the country. There are several guides that are available even on the Internet and one website that is especially helpful is called NumisMedia.

For a basic overview of the value of coins, here is a categorical description on the basis of pennies, dimes and cents that are available in the market. 

The U.S circulated coins – wheat cent

The value of these specific coins that were made before 1960 and/or those dated 1940 are currently sold for a maximum of two cents per coin by coin dealers. However, those coins that were manufactured prior to 1940 are worth more than the previous category and are priced between a couple of cents more and a few dollars.

The silver dollars

The U.S silver dollars that were made prior to 1935 have nearly an ounce of real silver that was used in the making of each coin. These coins are extremely popular amongst coin collectors and have a price tag that is greater than the actual value of silver.   However, this price holds good only if the coin is in good condition and is not severely worn out.

Susan B. Anthony’s dollars

If you are lucky enough to own one of these coins, the value of it is more quite high. They are extremely rare to find and are mostly uncirculated coins. 

Bicentennial coins

This category of coins includes halves, quarters and dollars. There are billions of such coins that were made. Owing to the large numbers in which these coins can be found, the worth of these coins is not more than its actual face values. However, there are some coin dealers who are willing to pay over 10% over the fact value to acquire these coins. Sometimes the premium that the coin collectors are willing to pay is an additional few dollars for those coins that have not been circulated.

The freak coins

This category of coins includes those coins that are two headed. In other words, these coins have two distinctively different designs and patterns on either faces of the coins.   These are erroneous coins.

Hence, with coins – there is more to it than what meets the eye. 


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