Some Coin Collection Choices

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Simplicity may not necessarily be the best policy in matters concerning coin collecting. Most often it is the uniqueness of the coin or the history that is associated with it or its country of origin that makes the coin valuable and rare.

Here is a quick overview of the different varieties of coins that most coin collectors are obsessed about:

1) National Coins

Mostly coin collectors love to collect coins that belong to their own country. It is not uncommon for a coin collector to get coins of his/her country that represents different times that the country has witnessed. More often, coin collectors collect coins from different dates and mint mark each of the coin series. Different coin collectors have combinations of different dates, series and mint marks.

2) Coins that have some Errors

One of the most modern versions of conventional coin collection is called error coin collection. Coins with errors on them became more common in the nineteenth century when coins production was first automated. Coin collectors that are interested in collecting historic coins are especially drawn to these coins that have fine errors. In fact, they see sense o f uniqueness in the erroneous coins. That said it is not like other coin collectors are not fascinated by coins that have some errors on it. The uniqueness of the errors makes these coins a favorite among most coin collectors.

The following are the errors that are mostly found on these coins

  • They are over dated

  • Displaced centre of the coin

  •  Clipped coins

  • Coins with different nominations on either sides of it (instead of being the same)

  • Repunched mint marks

  •  Coins with unusual metal

  • Multiple strikes

3) Coins from around the World

Collecting from coins that originate from different parts of the world is also a popular category. To have an extensive collection, one must be willing to invest a considerable amount of money towards globetrotting.  Coin collectors in this category mostly collect coins from almost every country on the planet.

4) Coins with Historical value

Another popular genre of coin collection is to collect coins that belong to a different time in history. This category of coin collectors are intrigued by the possibly of owning coins that have historical and heritage value.  Among the historic coins, these are the most popular choices:

  • Greek

  • Indian

  • Celtic

  • Israelite

  • Byzantine

If this looks like something that interests you, go right ahead and start your own coin collection.


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