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As someone said,” The better is your diet, the better is your health”. And with this, you remain away from diseases. But to maintain your health you must always be aware and conscious, and should keep a regular check on your health, because most of the people aren’t aware of the problems they are facing. Same is the case with Anemia. People remain far away from knowing the fact that they are anemic and slowly and gradually the problem increases making you sick.

Anemia occurs due to the lack of red blood cells in your body, which are responsible for maintaining the oxygen molecule level in your body and also for the hemoglobin count. 95 % of anemic people weren’t aware that they were anemic during its first stage, neither would you. Disease always has symptoms which you must not ignore. Here are some of them:

–         You feel dizzy and sleepy.

–         You get tired easily.

–         You suffer unbearable stress.

–         Some times chest pain also occurs.

–         You may have breathing problems.

–         Women have irregular periods.

Anemia if taken care of can be cured. You need to change your diet. The best thing you can do is increase the amount of iron in your diet.

–         You can have dry fruits.

–         Take oranges, mangoes, pineapples, apples.

–         Have green and leafy veggies.

–         If you are a non-veg have more amount of it.

If you ignore the symptoms then the above mentioned cures wouldn’t help because you may be in the final stage of anemia. In this condition these won’t help you but a doctor will surely do.

If iron rich diet doesn’t help you it means your body is unable to receive iron for red blood cells. In this situation you will get tired and may fall unconscious. You need a doctor, go rush for him. You will be provided with Iron, vitamins, folic acid and other supplements via injections, tablets or syrups. In severe cases blood transfer is needed. In some previous records, bone marrow transplant cases have been attempted successfully.

Don’t panic. Everyone remembers the old saying, “ Prevention is better than cure “. So be aware, be conscious, be healthy. Hope you find our article series, HEY WE GOT THE TREATMENT, helpful and informative.

An Article By: HappyChappy And SumoPunk.

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