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With crime increasing every day, it is a good idea to find ways to protect yourself. It is true that there is the police and other agencies who are there to keep you safe but you can never be sure when something happens and they are not there to help you. There are many products which can help you protect yourself and among them is the pepper spray.

It is absolutely essential to be able to protect yourself these days. In the last few years a number of personal protection products have been introduced in the market and pepper spray is one of the most often used and best ways to safeguard yourself. It can easily stop people from attacking you if you use it correctly. You can also use it against dogs. Pepper spray is available in the form of aerosol and is very simple to use which can typically stop most attackers immediately.

Oleoresin Capsicum is the main ingredient in a pepper spray which is non flammable and non toxic made with cayenne peppers.  When it is used in the form of a spray, OC works like an inflammatory agent which results in instant dilation of the throat, nose, eyes and lungs which constricts breathing and causes temporary blindness.  It does not have a fatal effect but the effect can last up to around 45 minutes and the attackers feel as though they are going to die. 

It is absolutely legal to use the pepper spray but there are a few restrictions and rules which you have to follow. Some of you may be aware that you are not allowed to carry pepper spray on airplanes. You must check with the local state regulations about the regulation to be on the safe side, prior to purchasing a pepper spray.

When you go out it is quite easy to conceal the pepper spray you are carrying. Typically women carry it in their purse from where it can be taken out easily. Keep it in an easily accessible place in your purse if you keep it in the purse. Pepper spray can also be carried easily in the pocket or a jacket from where it can be taken out very easily at a short notice.  Keep in mind that the attack can take place in seconds and you need to reach it fast.

There is no doubt that pepper spray is a very useful self defense tool and can be a lethal weapon if you don’t use it properly. You must follow the rules if you carry a pepper spray.


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