Bose Cinemate Review

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A 5.1 surround sound music setup, Bose Cinemate is an awe-inspiring home theatre audio solution which is reigning the market currently. Here is a Bose Cinemate review which tells you everything about the product and its performance.


Bose Cinemate is one of those products which take technological innovation to a new level. We are saying this because it gives a 5.1 surround sound output with only two speakers and Acoustimass Bass Module. The Bose Cinemate brings you unrivalled sound quality without cluttering your living room with wires and equipment. The Bose Cinemate aims at a complete integration with your TV through an interface module. The interface module takes the audio signal from the TV to the speaker system and this ascertains that your setup is always easy and convenient. Apart from that, complete integration with the TV ensures that you can control both the systems through a single remote control, which saves the hassle of having two different remotes for the TV and the sound system.


The Bose Cinemate’s performance is highly dependent on the Acoustimass Bass Module. The principal function of this module is the procreation of low frequencies which leads to an effective bass. Since this module is meant to be hidden in a corner, the sound always seems to be coming from the two main speakers and this takes care of the rudimentary issue of the arrangement of a sub-woofer in traditional 5.1 systems and makes the sound effect more naturalistic and clear. The quality of sound that is produced using these two speakers is exceptional and very complex, something which is unattainable with the older generation 5.1 sound systems. Also, the Digital Dynamic Range feature preserves the production of soft dialogue and balances it against the louder sound effects. All these performance enhancing features make Bose Cinemate one of the most desirable associate for your entertainment system.


This Bose Cinemate review makes one thing exceedingly clear; this is a product which can enhance your home entertainment setup in a big way. The quality of sound that is produced by this speaker system is simply awesome and the hassle free setup that can be managed with two speakers, with close integration with your TV, cannot be attained by any other 5.1 setup. Overall, this Bose Cinemate review rates the product as a top notch 5.1 surround sound system with absolutely no flaws.


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