GE Nautilus Dishwasher

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GE Nautilus Dishwashers are the state of art products from GE which take care of your dish washing from scratch. These feature rich appliances make sure that your dishwashing experience is flawless and you get sparkly clean dishes every time you load the dishwasher. A striking feature of these dishwashers is the sleek and classic panel look which gives the impression of a built-in setup. The two wash arms with the Powerscrub technology make sure that your dishes get a thorough cleaning always. The Piranha hard food disposer technology that comes with the GE Nautilus dishwasher makes sure that the food particles are grinded and washed away, leaving your dishes shiny and clean. The hot start option provided with the dishwasher is also helpful in giving a deep cleansing to the dishes.

Some Helpful Instructions

Making full use of your GE Nautilus dishwasher requires you to have a fair idea of the operating cycles and the instructions which can help you in getting clean dishes. For example, knowing that the Heavy Wash cycle is useful for those dishes which need a deeper cleaning than others will save you time and detergent or using the Heated Dry feature can help you in quickly drying up the dishes and making them ready for use in no time. Also, always ensure that the rinse aid and detergent dispensers are always filled up to the mark. For rinse aid, open the dispenser by turning the cap in the counter-clockwise direction, check the level of the rinse aid, add the required amount and close the cap by moving it clockwise. For detergent, determine the proper amount to be added, put it in the main cup of the dispenser and close the dispenser. This will ensure the proper functioning of your GE Nautilus dishwasher at all times.

General Problems and Their Remedy

Some common problems that the owners of the GE Nautilus dishwasher face include suds, wet dishes and occasional noise. They are easily taken care of if you follow these steps. For getting rid of suds, make sure that the detergent which is being used is the specified one and is not being poured in excess. If the dishes haven’t dried properly, the dryer settings need to be configured and usage of Heated Dry option is suggested for solving the problem. These general steps resolve most of the common problems that the GE Nautilus dishwasher encounters.


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