Female Herpes Symptoms

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Herpes symptoms are same both male and female, but female need to care few special considerations, like stop to spread the herpes and not allowing any other diseases to improve. I am here discussing the female herpes symptoms and treatment procedure; I think you love to read.

You live and die with herpes

Herpes is a lifetime diseases, even we live in modern technology, scientists, modern medicine, still unable to find out proper cure methods. The major problem in herpes is that it kills other cells, virus which helps to circulate most organs of our body. The herpes stay inside deep in cells where modern technology face very difficult to reach such cell to cure.

Female face herpes from chronic disease, its quickly develop and more sensitive to the virginal herpes and have certain herpes symptoms.

Getting Infected

Herpes is not counted to be STD(sexually transmitted disease), but most of female affects herpes disease through sex.

Female herpes is a familiar myth, you should have outbreak present in order to stop the herpes. Herpes virus get more active when a female in outbreak stage.

Herpes Symptoms

You can easily diagnose the herpes symptoms from your first outbreak if you will feel the symptoms such as flu, fever, back pain or muscle soreness in your outbreak period. You may find many red spots around your genital region or in face.

After a week, red spots in genital will start slowly grow and bring you in such a stage where you will start weep crystal clear liquid. Such liquid contain virus. So use better hygiene while you meet to others in order to avoid infection. Just after complete two weeks, virus will turn into blisters and blisters will scab over and fall off.

Herpes Treatment

There is no proper treatment process found to treat the herpes but prevention is only method for herpes treatment. You can take some anti-viral drugs to kill virus inside your genital area, for that you need to take long period, at least five to ten years

Women generally face gonorrhea due to various bacteria, such kind of bacteria will disappear even after 14 days of early period of infection, in this stage both men and women fails to identify the symptoms. When infections comes patient will know that they are facing gonorrhea and it happen in incubation period.

When women feel their discharges of vaginal that time she should know the cause of discharges happen by the entry of Gonorrhea. Their vaginal discharge color looks like white, green or yellow. Immediate go to the doctor place for proper advice and treatment.

Feeling pain in urination is another symptom of gonorrhea, also few medical problems may cause of urination pain. It will be good for you if take console from doctor.

Don’t neglect to take doctor appointment if feel any bleeding during sexual involvement or outside of menstrual sexual. Both can be gonorrhea symptoms.


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