The Problems of Marriage And Divorce

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In our life, marriage and divorce is a part of the common events that happened. Most people thought that true love is the basic for a happy and eternal marriage, and regard true love becomes a tool to minimize the obstacles of different social backgrounds, different economic class, and different religious and ethnic values. In fact, falling in love or being in love is still regarded the usual prelude to marriage. Parents have strong tendency to direct their children marry those with similar interests and backgrounds. The weight of economic becomes the first priority of their considerations. General speaking points out that it is easier to fall in love with a rich man than with poor one.

Economic considerations as well as the preference of many women for careers have placed additional pressures on the institution of marriage. Women as well as men are placed in tenuous positions because of the many adjustments they must make if both partners work. In most cases, both husband and wife welcome the financial advantages of being a two job family. With two salaries, the family is more affluent. Yet the woman who works outside the home will not want all the traditional jobs inside the home, too. Sometimes the neither spouse knows which tasks is his or her responsibility. The psychological trauma that can accompany the breakdown of roles within the marriage is sometimes more than the fragile bond of love can support. If the bond of love breaks partners today are free to dissolve the marriage just as they were free to undertake it.

Today, staying married and raising a family is something of an achievement. But to achieve anything worthwhile is always a risk. If the marriage should end, one or both partners may feel a sense of failure due to not having succeeded in such an important goal of life. This sense of failure is heightened if children are involved. Most of families take the responsibility of children seriously, but we sometimes feel that even the children would be happier if the parents lived separate lives. Both partners in a marriage with children must seriously consider all these alternatives before they divorce. The decision to divorce is not lightly taken, but once taken if lives are mended, they take new directions and the world goes on.

As a whole, we tend to be a rather naïve and optimistic people so that it isn’t uncommon for the man or woman entering a second or even a third marriage to think that this one will work out, this is the right person, this marriage for the rest of life. There are no easy answers for the modern marriage. We cannot say attribute the large number of divorces to any one cause. We cannot say that if women would only stay at home, marriages would stabilize and there would be fewer divorces. This neither true nor possible, our basic value of independence, self-reliance, and egalitarianism are not shared equally by women and men in a society.

We are all inculcated from birth with these basic attitudes. It is easy to say that divorce must be avoided and it is harder to solve the dilemma that faces almost every married couple in the world. Many problems may occur to the family, these problems should be faced careful and wisely, if not the spouse will divorce. Economic background, social, and educational statuses are dominant in creating happiness.


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