Organic Gardening Tips

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If you have chosen to follow organic gardening then you should know its fundamentals so that you are capable of explaining them to others who may be against the technique or who may want to follow in your footsteps. 

Organic gardening is about having healthy plants, without the need of using chemicals in anyway. There  are some different techniques you can use when you choose to go organic. Here are some of the tips that you can use when developing your organic garden. 

The first step is developing a strong organic soil by putting compost material in your garden. Without compost material, the soil will not have enough minerals to grow healthy plants. If compost is not easily available then you can consider putting animal manure in the soil. However you can use animal manure as an addition to compost manure to make sure that the soil has enough nutrients the plants need. 

Another important consideration is to know which kind of plants is suitable for which kind of soil. You should also keep in mind the sunlight that reaches your garden and the temperature in the area to be able to choose the right plants to grow in an organic garden. 

If you choose the plants that will adapt well in the organic garden then you will have less job to do to keep the plants healthy. If you want to plant more than one kind of plant in your garden, you should look for the plants that grow well together. 

You can choose a garden which is under shade or build a makeshift canopy for your garden. The gardens under the shade need less maintenance and grow less weeds. You will also use less water contrary to when the garden is continually under the sun. However, this does not mean that your organic garden will not grow well if you do not shield it from the sun but you will have to do more work. 

The best way for pest management is to identify which one is the pest and to pick them off one by one with your hands. However if you do not feel up to the task, you can use a mixture of home ingredients to chase away or to kill the pests. You can also bring in your organic garden natural predators to keep the pests in control. The best way for weed or pest control is to always be on the lookout and act quickly as soon as you find any early signs of them. 


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