The Digital Baby Monitors

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Watching over babies could not have been any easier with the use of the digital baby monitors, thus ensuring that you literally have your eye on them wherever they are. Previously, the baby monitors were quite simple in design with just a transmitter and a receiver but with recent advancements in technology, there are the digital baby monitors which offer high quality functionality.

The digital baby monitor, as is quite obvious from its name, is a new generation baby monitor that makes use of the latest technology, not that they could totally be said to be better than the previous models. One thing that the digital monitor offers that is better than the analog baby monitors is the quality of the audio and video. The receivers in the digital mode are much more receptive to sound and the visuals.

The digital baby monitors also ensures the privacy of a given home as the signals are kept private. This was one major problem with the analog model as neighbors could at times access the signals of others.

The digital baby monitors have also improved the functioning of baby monitors as they work with a wider range. With the previous analog models, parents were restricted to a given area as it was quite simple to get out of the range of the baby unit and hence no monitoring would take place.

However, just as it is with most good things, the digital baby monitors do have their faults. One contentious issue which comes up is the health risk that emanates from using these devices as its digital nature means that it uses electromagnetic waves which is said to be harmful to babies as they are in the critical stage of growth. This could be dealt with by ensuring that the digital baby monitors are not kept so close to the child so as to maximize the effects of this device.

Since they are the latest to emerge in the market with regard to the baby monitors, the digital baby monitors do come at a much higher price than the analog baby monitors. This is not a surprise because the same happens with other devices which are just emerging. You would thus have to weigh the options and see if the cost would thus mean that you go for the analog baby monitors or the digital ones. Both of them are great but make an informed choice.


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