Exploring Nature in Your Backyard

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It is in the backyard where anyone of whatever age can go and relax. You may be among the many people who enjoy the solitude of just being alone in their backyards. The fact that there isn’t a single person in sight doesn’t actually guarantee that you are alone. In fact, you are never alone at any given point in your own backyard. This can be attributed to the fact that there are tiny living things living in your backyard. If you happen to be the parent of children, then you can use this as an opportunity to explore all the amazing little creatures with your child in your backyard.

Some of the organisms that can be found in your backyard are birds. Birds can be found in a large variety and most of them will pay your backyard a visit once in a while especially if you happen to have a bird feeder in your yard. Bird watching is made fun by the fact that many birds will come into and out of your backyard. Thus you will get to see a variety, all of which you should document with your child.

At the end of it all, it shouldn’t just be a form of entertainment but you can use the chance to teach your child. For you to do this well, you’ll need a camera, a notebook and a bird watching book. The notebook and the camera are both optional but are great ways to document whatever you see. As far as the notebook and camera are optional, a bird watching book is absolutely important to have.

Bugs and insects are another example of what you can find in your backyard. If you visit your local library or bookstore, you could find a variety of books on insects and bugs. Some of them are even specifically for children. The beauty of bugs is that you don’t have to stop at just looking at them because most of them can thrive very well in containers. This is a great advantage if your child wants to get the chance to look at them on a daily basis. Most stores do have items and supplies that you’ll need to catch insects. It really isn’t such a hard task as some of them are quite easy to catch. Some of these items are like breathable containers and butterfly nets. Enjoy your backyard with daily exploration trips with your kids!


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