Allergy Mattress Covers Are Useful

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I was aware of the fact that I suffered from allergy, but did not realize how bad it could get. My throat used to scratch especially with the change of season. I would get itchy eyes and have a running nose also during this time. I put up with all this for a long time and hardly noticed this issue. I was not really sure of the fact that it was because of my allergies that I used to fall sick very frequently. In fact I had flu and cold a number of times each year. It was at the suggestion as well as insistence of my friend that I decided to buy an allergy mattress cover. If for this I would not have been able to know that it was not essential for me to fall sick. 

In case you have not seen allergy mattress covers, you may picture them to be a complicated item which was high tech in nature, but the fact is that it is a very simple thing. An allergy mattress cover is fundamentally an impermeable sheet which can be placed directly over your regular mattress to prevent dust mites from getting inside. It is like a screen which has small holes which are big enough for you to breathe but so small that they keep away allergens. It may be difficult for you to estimate the amount of difference that an allergy mattress cover can make, and for people who suffer from allergies, it can be a great difference. In fact from the time I have got the allergy mattress cover, I am feeling much happier, healthier and full of energy than before. 

Most of us sleep for eight hours every night and it is at this time that we breathe in dust which accumulates on our beds. This exposure is minimized by washing the bed sheets regularly as well as vacuuming the bed which may not be enough. The only way you can prevent dust from accumulating deep into the bed is by using an allergy mattress cover. When dust gathers on the bed, dust mites live on it and produce allergens. With your tossing and turning on the bed the dust goes up into the air which causes allergies. An allergy mattress cover makes sure that the dust is trapped and is prevented from reaching you. Other than that the allergy mattress cover also prevents more dust from accumulating on the mattress. It is a very simple but useful device.


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