Foam Sheet Glasses Case Are Good Arts And Crafts Idea

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You could be looking for some great arts and craft idea for your children if you are a home schooling Mom, a camp director or a school teacher. It is possible that you look after recreation at a nursing home or a senior center and want to find a new project. Whatever the case the glasses case arts and crafts idea can be exciting as well as fun for everyone. People can use the glasses case, gift it or even convert it into a necklace case. 

There are some easy to find materials which are required to make the glasses case. They include a square piece of craft foam, big blunt needles of plastic, thick yarn or lanyard lace. You need to cut two rectangles out of the foam in the size of 3-1/2 inches by 6 inches. You have to punch a hole on three sides of both rectangle and one short side short side has to remain without a hole. Create the holes in a way that they are 1/2 inch apart and there is a minimum of 1/4 inch from the hole and the border of the craft foam.  Make sure that the holes are in a line so that two pieces can be placed together. In case the work is being done by small kids you can help them make the holes. 

People who are making the craft can make decorative shapes with craft foam of other colors or you can even purchase ready-made cut foam shapes.  In case the craft of glasses case is made for a special occasion like vacation Bible school, you can select shapes which match the theme. If the Bible camp or school has a cowboy theme get shapes which fit like boots, stars and cowboy hats. 

Now in this arts and crafts idea you need to thread lanyard lace or the yarn with the plastic needle. It is much easier to manage yarn but lanyard lace looks more attractive and shiny. Teachers could help small children to use a bobby pin like a needle as it is much safer. 

If you want to convert this arts and crafts idea into a necklace case you just have to attach a length of lanyard lace on every corner to make a long handle.  Children will like to use this case to keep small items or secret notes. If they don’t want to use it they can give the glasses case to a friend, parents, grandparent or anyone using glasses. 


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