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Bagless vacuums have evolved a lot from the time they were first introduced in the market. Initially the whole concept was little more than a publicity stunt. Bagless vacuum was sold on the market on the promise that people will have the convenience of not getting into the mundane routine of disposing the bag, but most of them were quite ineffective and messy. In fact some of them did not contain the dirt well and in some bagless vacuums one could find the dirt circulating in the air. You may not have been able to remove the grime without spilling them which needed more vacuuming. 

The bagless vacuums of the present ties have become much better and one can even say that the design has been perfected. Some time back I needed to replace my vacuum and even though I did not trust them completely in those days I bought bagless vacuum. I got it on sale and I thought that even if it did not work properly it was okay. In fact it really surprised me to find out how well it did its job. I came with a built-in HEPA filter, and ensured that no dust will be rotated back into the atmosphere. This was perhaps the main problem faced by the earlier models. All the dust stayed neatly inside and I had no mess to clean. 

You will be surprised with the power of the bagless vacuum which comes in a slim and simple design. I got a cheaper model despite it the vacuum does a wonderful job of cleaning the floor. Even when I work through the thick, shag carpeting I rarely have to vacuum it twice. There are some useful which work well on the carpet, drapes, floor as well as the upholstery. In fact I was happy with my purchase. 

There was one thing which I found irritating in the bagless vacuum which was its inclination for sticking some dust in the body. It comes with a detachable pipe which runs from the main body to the part which sucks up the dirt. You can unplug the hose and plug in with various attachments. There are times when the dirt gets stuck here which can clog the bagless vacuum. You can manage it easily by shaking it out in the garbage and then placing it back.


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