Re-Elect Obama For Full Contact Communism

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We already know what Barack Hussein Obama will be like if he gets re-elected.  He will be just like he is now.  Only worse.  He will not give a damn what the American people think.

When President Barack Hussein Obama ventured in Libya he did not ask congress for authorization and he did not discuss the matter with the American people.  However, he did ask for the permission of every Arab and Muslim country in the world, he consulted with European countries,  and he took orders on what to do and how to do it from the United Nations.  Expect Obama to take more dictation from everybody but us if he gets a second term.

When Barack Hussein Obama was jamming Obamacare through  congress, most of the American people said they didn’t want it.  He forced it through anyway.  Seniors did not want cuts in MediCare.  Obama cut $500 billion from their programs anyway

Most of the American people were against the bailout of the  rich Wall Street  and banker friends  of Geithner and Bernancke.  Obama backed the bailout anyway and now we find out that a lot of so called toxic mortgages these people handled–the mortgages  that caused the financial meltdown–were illegally and fraudulently obtained through forged documents.

Most American’s were against the bailout of automobile manufacturers.  Obama did it anyway

One of the more peculiar things about Barack Hussein Obama is how much he is just like George Bush.  George Bush wasted billions on new entitlements.  Barack Obama has done the same.    George Bush kept open Guantanamo for terrorists and held military tribunals for terrorists.  Barack Obama is doing the same.  George Bush had wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Apparently, Barack Obama thinks having a war against a Muslim nation is such a good idea that he added yet another one–Libya for us to fight in addition to Iraq and Afghanistan.   And just  like Bush, Obama seems to think only countries that are rich in resources such as oil or minerals have human right situations that require our immediate action.  How convenient.

If you liked the Soviet Union, you will love Obama’s 2nd term!!!

While he was still Senator Obama promised to make energy prices skyrocket.  He will come through on this promise in his second term.   You can almost bet the farm that if Obama is re-elected, energy prices will be enormous and we will all be “taxed” by a carbon trading scheme.  Also, Al Gore, who owns the carbon trading scheme will get fabulously wealthy.


President Barack Hussein Obama’s Energy Policy


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