Read This Before Choosing a Roof Cleaning Service in The Orlando Central Florida Area

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If you are in need of a roof cleaning service in the Orlando Central Florida Area read this.  Not all roof cleaning services are the same. Educate yourself on the different cleaning methods that are offered and choose the one that best fits your needs.  Some companies chemically clean roofs with a no-pressure cleaning method.  Others just pressure wash it with water.  I will explain what to look for so you can make the best educated decision.  First of all if a company claims they don’t use any pressure washers on a roof cleaning job steer clear.  A pressure washer is necessary to rinse the chemical residue off the plants, home and flat surfaces.  The chemical is applied with a 12 volt low pressure pump, and then needs to be rinsed properly usually with a pressure washer at very low pressure.  Second, some companies offer $99.00 roof cleaning specials or unbelievable low prices.  Don’t be lured in with this.  These prices won’t even cover the cost of the chemicals/detergents used when done properly.  A legitimate contractor carries the proper insurances and licenses so if they fall off your roof or do any roof damage, you the property owner are covered.  This type of insurance doesn’t come cheap.  So how do they do it so cheap?  Easy – no insurance, no license, no chemicals, cheap bleach, or pressure washing with water only.  Don’t get hung up on price either.  Here’s a quick story from a recent estimate I gave.  A property manager requested an estimate on a tile roof for a 4000 sq. ft. home.  The going rate for this particular roof should have been around $700 to $900.  I quoted a price of $695.00.  The property manager informed me the homeowner had it done last year for $400.00 by her landscaper.  Now the point I am making is a good roof cleaning job usually lasts between four and seven years depending on certain conditions.  The $400 job lasted less than a year, the $695 job will last 4 to 7 years so which is the better deal?  No offense to the landscaper, but he should probably stick with killing weeds and not roof fungus.  Or not attempt cleaning a roof until he knows how to do it properly.  So keep this in mind when you are looking at cost.  Also, be aware of add ons like sealers and special mold inhibitors that claim to repel mold.  They may help slightly, but eventually you will get mold and mildew on your roof on top of the barriers and sealers.  Florida’s harsh environment with the rain and heat cannot avoid mold/mildew.  These add ons are not worth the extra expense at all like some of those unnecessary extended warranties available on some products.  They are only a good thing for the contractor who is pushing them. Also don’t get caught up in these five year warranties and roof guarantees.  They can be very deceptive.  Most of them are prorated and are gimmicks to get you to call them back in the future to pay for spot cleanings and a way to justify a higher price.  Another thing not to get fooled by are reviews on the web and fake testimonial pages.  I have had thousands of satisfied customers over my 20 plus years of cleaning experience.  Only a very tiny percentage of satisfied customers send you a letter or give you reviews on the web.  They usually thank you for a good job and show their appreciation by referring friends and family and calling you back next time they are in need of a cleaning.  It’s funny how some of these companies, only in business for a few short years, have all these raving reviews and testimonials.

With our current economic times all industries are flooded with fly-by-nighters and deceptive contractors willing to do just about anything at low prices.  Just be careful when you make a decision on who you choose.  Do your homework.  Your home is your biggest investment and certain things should be left to the professionals.   


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