Officers of Asf Are Subject to The Pakistan Army Act. 1952

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Officers of ASF are subject to the Pakistan Army Act. 1952


S J Tubrazy

“7-A. Officers and members to be subject to the Pakistan Army Act. 1952.–(1) Every Officer and member of the Force shall, unless he is already so subject, be subject to the Pakistan Army Act, 1952 (XXXIX of 1952), hereafter in this Chapter referred to as the Act.

(2) The Force Commander shall, in respect of all officers and members of the Force, have all the powers conferred by or under the Act on an officer empowered to convene a General Court Martial.

(3) Subject to subsection (2), the Federal Government may, by general or special order, direct by what authority any jurisdiction, powers or duties incidental to the operation of the provisions of the Act shall be exercised or performed in respect of the Force.

7-B. Consequence of sentence of imprisonment.–An officer or member of the Force who is sentenced to imprisonment for a term which is not less than ninety days shall be deemed to have been dismissed from the Force.

7-C. Suspension.–Any officer shall be competent to suspend in the prescribed manner a member of the Force working under him for any misconduct, remissness or negligence in the discharge of his duties.

7-D. Place of imprisonment.–If a member of the Force sentenced under the Act to imprisonment for a .term shorter than ninety days is also dismissed from service, he shall be imprisoned in the nearest prison or such other prison as the Federal Government may, by general or special order, direct; but if he is not so dismissed he may be confined’ in a quarter guard or such other place as the Force Commander may consider suitable.

7-E. Capture of deserters.–(1) Whenever any .person subject to the Act deserts, the Chief Security Officer shall give written information of the desertion to such civil authorities as in his opinion may be able to afford assistance towards the capture of the deserter and such authorities shall thereupon take steps for the apprehension of the said deserter in like manner as if he’ were a person for whose apprehension a warrant had been issued by a Magistrate, and shall deliver the deserter, when apprehended, into the custody of the Force.

(2) Any police officer may arrest without warrant any person whom he reasonably believes to be subject to the Act and a deserter or absentee without leave and bring him without delay before the nearest Magistrate to be dealt with according to law.


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