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Fairy Lullabies is an album by American pianist and composer, Gary Stadler. Few have heard of him in the UK, but has a good reputation in the US for the peaceful atmosphere in his music. He’s released six albums so far and has been included in some compilation albums with various artists. He’s received a lot of positive feedback on his work.
Fairy Lullabies is his sixth and most recent album. It was released on 12th September 2006 under the label, Sequoia. Stadler’s work is inspired by Celtic themes and atmospheres. On this album, Stadler fulfills the request of his fans for instrumental versions of his songs.

It’s elegant charm is very difficult to put into words, but it deserves the five stars rating. The music is very relaxing and enchanting at the same time. It’s helped me go to sleep a couple of times before. If you enjoy Enya’s work, then you might find this album interesting.

From beginning to end, the music is imaginative and creative with well crafted blend of the piano and keyboard orchestrations inspired by fantasy and Celtic mythology. Strong and consistent New Wave and Classical vibes throughout. They’re the sort of songs that would play in the movies if a fairy was just passing by.

The album has a lot of advantages. On the first listen I thought there was no disadvantages, but there are a few. One huge advantage with this album is how it’s suitable for all ages and seasons. Though if you’re more into club music, then I don’t think you would find the album that useful, but if you’re thinking off some nice music to meditate to or listen to in the background, this could be a good choice. I haven’t listened to any other albums Stadler has done, but this album has convinced me to. The album is available on Itunes for £7.99 and Amazon £6.99. Another great advantage to this is the timeless feel to the album which is present in Deenaby. I think this helps make the magic vibes on the track even more convincing. I find that it sets a very lovely atmosphere for reading and writing.

My favourite track is Garden Lullaby because it’s full of tranquility. I really like the use of backing vocals layered on the high pitched instruments. The tune stands out and has a very happy feeling to it. Another favourite track of mine is the last track, For Tammi. I think that track is a great closure to the album which shows Stadler’s ability on the piano.

For me, the most unique track of the album is Fly Away Lullaby. The trances and long notes give it a very dark beginning and the song sounds very bittersweet. Backing vocals also contribute to the lovely atmosphere.
One way I think Stadler could improve on this album is by working on the tempo on the tracks. He could add a bit more spice into this album by altering the pace of them a little bit because I think each track has a very similar speed which can sometimes make it repetitive and boring. I also think Spark Of The Night goes on for too long. I don’t mind long tracks but the beauty in the track gets lost in it’s repetitiveness.

From this album alone, I can see that Stadler is a spectacular musician. Overall this a very enchanting album, with some tweaking it could be even better. This is one I would recommend, it would be a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself.

1. Piano Lullaby #2 5/5
2. Elphame Lullaby 5/5
3. Garden Lullaby 5/5
4. Piano Lullaby 4/5
5. Sa Brooke Lullaby 5/5
6. Spark in the Night Lullaby 3/5
7. Spinneee Lullaby 5/5
8. Deenaby 5/5
9. Fly Away Lullaby 5/5
10. Sweet Lullaby 5/5
11. For Tammi 5/5


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