Hardwood Flooring San Diego: Thickness of Hardwood

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Hardwood Flooring San Diego: What does the thickness of a hardwood floor mean?

Homeowners these days often have many questions when it comes to choosing the right hardwood flooring San Diego. But let me give you an idea that there are two types of hardwood available in the market these days and that is the solid hardwood which is authentically pure timber which is directly made into planks, also used as flooring materials and for furniture purposes.

The other type would be the engineered hardwood which is made of two layers of wood or more to form one single plank. The smooth surface layer or what they call the wear layer carries out the design of this type of hardwood.  The substrate which is in the middle part of this wood holds the strips of wood together and keeps the plank sturdy. There are many concerns when it comes to the thickness of these two hardwood flooring.
Here are some facts which shows you the purpose of having a thick hardwood flooring:

Solid Hardwood (not engineered)

One factor that we would certainly desire for our hardwood flooring San Diego is a long lifespan. And by using a solid hardwood flooring such as a ¾ thick wood then our flooring would certainly last for about 60-70 years with proper care and management. Another benefit that it provides would be having a sturdy floor structure for your house due to its great hardness and density. Also this type of flooring comes in varied lengths for as I’ve mentioned earlier, this type of hardwood are directly cut and milled from huge timbers. Refinishing this material would not lessen its value for it can be repeatedly refinished as many times as you want. Also the older this material gets the higher value it could give back to your home for its antique qualities. Lastly without those chemicals applied unlike engineered wood this material is perfectly safe for people who have allergies.

Engineered Solid Hardwood

First factor I want to point out about this product is that it is engineered, meaning it has been through a lot of studies and experiments and of course it has been engineered to near perfection. This type of hardwood unlike the normal solid hardwood is made out of multiple wood strips attached together to create one single plank. Its smooth surface or what people call as its wear layer gives out the design to the product while the middle or core part which is called the substrate helps keep the plank intact making it sturdier than the usual wood plank. Also there are advantages on purchasing this type of material like the varied designs available in the market which you could choose from which the normal solid hardwood that you would use for your hardwood flooring San Diego doesn’t have. The wear layer which also serves as the protective covering of the material helps in preserving it for longer usage. The thing about engineered wood is that you don’t only purchase the best of what is offered in the market but also you help in lessening the chopping down of trees in our rainforests.

Finally it all goes down to what your really prefer, if you want a flooring which is ecologically friendly then choose the engineered hardwood flooring San Diego but if you prefer the more natural effect for your floor then purchase the solid hardwood flooring. But still both of this material needs proper care and management to achieve its maximum potential and characteristics.


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