Energy is a Need. How we Use it is a Choice!

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     Looking at Renewable Energy to change the way of life. It is completely possible to renew every choice that we all make. By altering what we do and use, all the while changing the impact our planet earth has to deal with. I have been using the new LED lights in our home. It lowers the use of electricity. This is both saving money in our home and lowering the demand for electricity. If this was done on a nation wide effort it could continue to drive the electricity demand lower. We all know that demand is what drives price. If we can control the use then we help control the cost. With a little forward progression in every day products we use. The individual out come could be unbelievable.

These ideas can be moved into every product we use, from fuels to any type of consumer products. It will not be easy for everyone to do. The main thing is for everyone to work on small strides and set small goals to reach. By setting up small goals it allow you to reach multiple achievements and rewards. This will make the change a complete success with individual needs. This way of looking at any personal wants you set, will help keep any one from being discouraged. We know if things seem to big that most anyone tends to stray from the resistance of complications.

Always remember to reassert yourself with positive outlook and positive rewards for your changes. This will help others see the what these changes can bring on a long term basis. When you have small conversations about the savings you have seen. Then use examples like the money you have save payed for a family trip, or maybe it covered the price difference of a new electric car. This in return saved even more on the fuel side of things. If every family could perches one electric car and lower the cost of fuel by 1/3 or more due to demand dropping to a new low.

Now these are based on a hope and dream of us all making the choice. We all know that each household will have different out comes, just remember that it is all positive and will help everything around us. Always do your best to stay positive and create new positive praise to others who are trying to do the same. The change will not be seen tomorrow, but may give a new world for many generations to come.

By: Jamin Kline


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