Gifts For Mother's Day When Mom is No Longer Withus

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Mother’s Day comes once a year and for many it’s one of the happiest holidays because you are paying tribute to mothers, the most wonderful creation ever fashioned. She is nurturing, loving, warm and strong and many could not imagine a life without mom. Mothers are one of the most special people on this earth. However, for many people this is of the saddest holidays of the year because their mother is no longer with them.

Countless celebrate this holiday in memory of someone that you loved. Mother’s Day can be one of the most difficult days of the year if you are celebrating in remembrance of your mother.

Remembering your mother on Mother’s Day is best if you can celebrate her life. Celebrating her life and remembering the good and enjoyable times is a wonderful way to spend your Mother’s Day without your mother.

Children find it difficult losing their grandmother too. It’s nice if you can select something they can do to rejoice and commemorate the life of their grandmother while celebrating the life of your mother.

The remembrance of your mother can be done privately or with friends and family that also miss Mom this time of year. These are a couple of the ways that you can celebrate your mother during this most precious of holidays.

  • Dig up a flower bed and plant a rose bush. What’s her favorite color? Select a color that your mother would have loved. You can plant one and have it every year to remind you of your mother. They bloom beautifully and you can cut it several times throughout the season and bring in a fresh bouquet to set out and remind you of the wonderful woman and the life she lived.

  • Plant a flower bed with annuals or perennial flowers. Fill it full of attractive, exquisite flowers that remind you of her. Get a plaque at your local florist and have it engraved with her name or simply “mom”.  Put a small plaque in your flower garden. Every time you tend the garden or weed it throughout the spring and summer, you can think of her.

  • If there was a poem or story that you shared with her you can have it engraved on a plaque or on stationary and put it in a frame to be displayed.

  • . Have everyone select a balloon. Write something they loved about this special lady and gather together and release the balloon

  • Have a candlelight visage to commemorate your mother. You can have candles personalized through local gift shops or select from beautiful and unique designs and creations from many of the online candle creators and sellers found online. You can personalize them with anything you can come up with.

  • There are online websites that allow you to make online personal tribute sites for Mothers no longer with us. One site, GoneToSoon, allows you to construct an online tribute to mom that is beautiful. Everyone can go online and leave a tribute of special words and thoughts for Nana. The online tribute is extraordinary because everyone from all over the world can leave their thoughts and feelings for momma and share them with family and friends.

  • Planting a rose bush is a terrific idea. However, if you aren’t a flower person, plant a tree for mom. Plant the tree alone or as part of a family project for mother’s day.

  • You can combine more than one idea. Have a nice brunch on Mother’s Day and after brunch plant a tree or rose bush as a family.

  • Place a tribute to mom in your local Sunday paper for Mother’s Day. This is especially nice for those that are celebrating the first Mother’s Day without mom. Putting something positive in a place where you said goodbye to mom can be healing.

These are extraordinary ideas and options you can have to celebrate your Mom on Mother’s Day when she isn’t with you on this special day. Once a year Mother’s Day comes around and for those of you that want to celebrate the life of your Mother, these are some wonderful ideas to do so.


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