Set-Up Your Gmail in Outlook Express For Pop E-Mail to Read Even Offline

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Gmail is type of free e-mail providers that allows to setup POP3 account in your computer. This means that you can read and reply messages even offline. You can browse messages even with out internet connection.  One of the examples of offline mail clients is outlook express. Outlook Express is a default e-mail clients installed in your computer if you are using Windows XP, it was included in windows service pack 2.

In order to configure your Gmail in your outlook express you will require enabling your Forwarding and POP in your Gmail account online.

Please follow the steps on how to enable pop and Forwarding in your Gmail Account;

  1. Log-in your Gmail account online.

  2. Go to Settings at the top portion of your Gmail account page.

  3. Click on the Forwarding and POP in Mail Settings Box, usually it was color orange.

  4. Under POP Download Settings, Select enable POP for all mail or Enable POP only for all mail arrives from now on. Choose either of the two.

  5. Choose the action you would to perform by your Gmail account, on what you want after configuring your e-mail account in outlook express. There are three options, “Keep Gmail’s copy in the inbox”, Archive Gmail’s copy”

  6.  and delete Gmail’s copy.

  7. Click “Save Changes” to finish.

  8. Close Gmail.

Next step is to configure your mail client, Outlook Express.

  1. Open your Outlook Express

  2. Navigate to Tools Menu and Select Accounts

  3. Click Add Button and select Mail.

  4. enter your desired Name in the Display Name textbox and Click Next. Note that this will be the name appeared when you sending your e-mails.

  5. Enter your Gmail e-mail address in the E-mail Address textbox and Click Next, format will be

  6. Enter the e-mail servers names

Set Pop 3 in My Incoming Mail server.

In the incoming mail (POP3, IMAP, or HTTP) server, enter “”

In outgoing mail (SMTP) server: enter “”

Click Next

7. Internet Mail Logon

Type the account name and Password of your Gmail account.

Account name: NOTE: include the on the username

Enter your Password.

Check the Remember Password Checkbox and click Next.

8. Click Finish

Note that setting up Gmail account on outlook express was not finished yet.

     9. Double click the created e-mail account to view the properties.

   10. Navigate to Servers Tab.

   11.  On outgoing Mail server Click settings, this will founding the lower portion of the Properties window.

   12.  On outgoing Mail server Log-on Information type your account name and password, the same as Step number 7.

   13.  click Ok

   14. Navigate to Advance Tab

Enter the server ports Number

Outgoing mail (SMTP) : 465

Check the checkbox “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)”

Incoming Mail (Pop3): 995

Check the checkbox “This server requires secure connection (SSL”

Click and Apply and Exit the Property window

You can now send and receive you e-mail from Gmail using your outlook express. To check hit send receive in your outlook express.


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