Automotive Tuneup's

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    There are so many different articles out there on automotive standards. They say do this now do that and then keep up with this. There is only one thing for you the consumer to decide. That is what is good for you. Your auto tuneup is based on many factors towards money saving both long term and short.

What is the difference between long and short term? Short term would be a monthly to once every six months. The long term would be more than six months. This can help you divide the coast and schedules you may need to set up for yourself. Helping you get the most of your vehicle and every dollar you may need to save. Short term tuneup’s are going to look at your oil changes, along with other fluids. These range from transmission, coolant, power-steering and your brake fluid. These are all very important to maintain

every week. They will all keep your high dollar parts from failing you in an unexpected or realistic time frame. If you check these fluids weekly or biweekly, it will close the margin of simple mistakes. Like running your motor out of oil. This will grind and melt moving metal parts, destroying the hart of your vehicle. These repairs could be in the $3,000 plus dollar range. OUCH!

Other short term items would be a weekly tire pressure check, Window solvent and wiper blades could be checked on a monthly basis. The same as your air filter. If you remove the air filter and use a lite compressed air ( say about 30 – 40 psi) to blow off dirt you can extend the life by more than 50%. You can also purchase after market air filter that can be washed and reused for the life of your car. This could save you a few dollars in the long run.

Speaking of long run, This brings us to the long term areas that always get forgotten. The tire tread. Always look at the tires to see if the tread is being wore properly. Offset wear or uneven could mean other parts in the steering or alignment could be very bad. This will cause fast tire wear and can be very dangerous during driving. Other long term areas would be steering parts (tie rod ends, idler and pit-man arms), brakes and adjusters, parking brake cables and any other cables like hood latch and accelerator cable.

Many people skip the important areas under the vehicle. This would be the transmission fluid and filter change, or the universal joints in the drive shaft . There is a set mileage that this should be done. It is a very bad thing to skip this. It will leave you sitting on the side of the road some day with neglect. Also don’t leave out the exhaust system. You can usually hear a leak but if it is not noticeable you can look over the pipe. You will see a powdery carbon black soot buildup around any area that may have a leak. One last thing that many people never think of would be the differentials.

These are always over looked until there is a failure. This is constantly in motion when ever the vehicle is moving. These are cooled and lubricated by oil. It is normally a high rated weight gear oil. So look up any possible info to make sure you use all the proper fluids that are required. Always remember if you have trouble or are not sure you can call a local parts store. You can also bring you vehicle to your local repair shop and they can do these services for you.

By: Jamin Kline


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