America's Answer to Unemployment "go Green"

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       With the serious change of employment across the country, it leads many of us to feel like there is no direction to go. We all know someone that has lost their position of employment. With so much on a downward trend, it’s hard to believe the chance of new employment could be right around the corner.

I was recently at a local works agency where they post local jobs and more. To my surprise I found these boards that had been empty for so long; filled with many jobs. With the feelings inside growing warm, I found most of these jobs at a very low pay. Most of them to be filled through temporary service groups. It is a good thing to have so many jobs again, although I do not like what I see.

Many of us accept these jobs with no choice of what to do. We have run out of unemployment, and are close to losing our homes or worse. I know it’s hard to see a way out! Now with new hope, the reach of American’s is so high to rebuild our strength. It’s time for the growth to start again! With all the people coming together, I see a new trend.

Renewable energy! The source of our new jobs. With “go green” in full swing, we all need to focus on the renewable energy dreams. With a new America becoming focused on a self sustaining power grid and a world without fossil fuels. It will create a whole new series of job markets. All while the baby boom era will be reaching retirement.

Now we combine these changes with the electric cars, self sustaining homes and farms. This will bring America’s petroleum’s expenses to a minimum, and return this large expense back to our own economy. With these changes I do not see where America could go wrong. Most of us have heard of Warren Buffet! Buffet has contributed $5.4 billion to the renewable energy market already.

As of this year 2011, utility suppliers project to have 2,900 megawatts of wind generated power. Investments have put up 258 wind turbines in Iowa alone. Iowa had spread these over five counties, and can power more than 200,000 homes. I am so “EXCITED”!

If we come to realize our new direction, and become part of the team to “go green”. We could push this new way of living, receiving faster and stronger area’s of new employment for America. Thus creating an independent America again. Let’s bring us back to a strong leadership in the worlds economy! While at the same time, making every perfect moment in the cleanest possible place.

by: Jamin Kline


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