Returning to College

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In recent times I have seen so many changes in areas of employment. The job market has been moving in an unbelievable rate. The decent in the general labor market has taken a tole on many of us. Now many of us are seeking an new path of employment! With more and more investigation, people in America are finding that returning to collage is the best and at times the only option.

The new demands of employers. Along with outstanding demand of our self’s as consumers. It is no surprise that job skill requirements are at an all time high. Say for example the truck driving industry was a trade skill. Meaning you learned next to an experienced driver for a short period of time. All along being payed to do this job by an employer. Now the standard is you need to pay for school or class time before you have the chance of employment at all. This trend is the same in many fields such as plumbing, Auto mechanics, construction, and so on.

I am walking down this road with a nervous yet hopeful need to succeed. I am a 35 year old married male with four children. I have lost my job due to the down market and found a new road in life. Yes it can be very intimidating, yet I have found it to be very exciting! With a large anticipation of self reliance, I have jumped out in full stride to accomplish every possible will.

I have been doing the college visits like a high school student that has just graduated. Bounding through different roads and ideas. I spent many hours looking to many fields of employment. Looking in to the average pay and the requirements for employment. I have used many self exploration studies on line to help myself explore career compatibility. I have found this to be helpful. Not that I did not know what I wanted but to focus on specialty areas within those careers. It has helped me tremendously and I have made a final decision in my direction of studies.

I can only share this experience with someone who is possibly heading this direction in life, no matter the age. It is the same for every single person in the world. You just need to decide yes or no then do not stop or sell your self short. I have met many people of all ages that are still choosing the path of college. Even those of a very intellectual age, say 60’s. Ya that’s right even people heading for retirement have chosen to keep their minds learning. It is a simple choice, it is only your own mind that sets you back.

If there is any thing I can say or share with any one person that reads this article. It is the “The only thing that holds you back is how hard you are willing to try”. This has been a very motivational quot that will never leave my mind. I live this with my children, my wife and with every thing I chose to do in life. So do not hold your self back by your own thoughts, and the stars will always come to your grasp.

By: Jamin Kline


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