How to Maintain Your Physical And Mental Health

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Life is a blessing for all of us and one should take care of it by maintaining his/her physical health as well as the mental health. In todays busiest life, we dont have enough time to spend on our health but we can take care of it just by making little effort.

  • First of all we should take care of our diet by taking healthy food like vegetables, fruits, milk etc. Balanced diet is preffered. Junk food like burgers and pizza should be avoid. Water is a biggest need of our body and we should drink atleast 8 to 10 glasses of water. 

  • Secondly we should regularly go for a walk and excercise to maintain our weight to a certain level. Try to walk atleast 1 hour a day and start differnet types of activities like swimming, running, bike riding etc and should drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Don’t skip the meals as dieting is not a solution for weight loss.

  • We should keep our teeth, hair and body clean. Take bath daily, brush our teeth atleast 2 times a day or even after every meal, Use deodorants, talcum powder to feel and look good. We should also keep our home and clothes clean because a healthy environment makes a healthy life.

  • Sleeping is also so much important for our physical and mental health. We should sleep for atleast 7 to 8 hours in night otherwise we will not be able to work next day and will feel tired. We should be completely relax our mind to have a peaceful sleep.

  • We should have regular check ups to a doctor so that if there’s any disease starting then it can be treated at early stages rather than it gets worst.

  • Tobacco should be waived out of our lives because it is the most harmful thing for our health and is a big cause of cancer of lungs, throat and stomach. Smoking is lead to a suicide because we will spoil our health by our own by smoking.

These were little and easy steps by which we can maintain our good physical and mental health. Nothing is precious than our lives so we should take good care of it. 


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