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It is pretty expensive to keep up with contemporary fashions but there are ways which can help us feel the pinch much less. In fact sometimes you can do it simply by picking up some more reasonable clothing and blending them with some other older stuff to create a new and attractive look rather than spending a lot of money on one single costly outfit. 

It is an old saying and also true for most fashion conscious people that clothes are very important as they offer the first impression about any individual. In fact for most of us the kind of clothes we wear is a direct representation of our personality. Now this does not suggest that you need to have the most expensive and stylish clothes to look great. It is possible to turn heads as well as create a good impression without emptying your pocket. 

Rather than spending all the money you have allocated for the cloths budget on just a few pieces of very expensive designer jeans, it is much better to purchase a number of different dresses which can be mixed and matched with other items and also with the older clothes which you already have to give you a fresh and attractive look. In fact with this you will also end up having a much bigger and flexible wardrobe which in fact will look as though you have many more outfits than you actually have and this will end up giving you more value for your money. 

There is one secret which many people have and that is to make the most of this technique by doing a research on the items you want to wear and like and find out there costs as well as the best price they are available in. The biggest mistakes people end up making is that they indulge in impulse buying of items like tight jeans without really taking time and doing research to get the items in the best price before buying them. 

There is one place where you can buy the best pieces of your favorite items at great prices and that is the local thrift store. Other good places include the online auctions and the consignment shops as they are not just best for finding great bargains, but you may also be able to find a few designer pieces in almost fraction of the original price which are in an almost new condition. 


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