Innovation While Cleaning

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There are several household products which work well in places which are very different from what they have been designed for. Mentioned below are a few examples: 

Do You Have Icy Steps?

Are you living in a place which gets frozen during the winter, then there is a simple tip for making sure that your front steps don’t get icy. Take a pan of warm water and add some drops of Dawn dishwasher liquid. Pour this hot solution on the steps and you can be sure that they won’t get frozen again. It is possible that this tip works with other dish washing liquids also and you may have to experiment with them to get to know that. 

Is moss growing on your roof?

You can sprinkle powder laundry detergent on the roof can destroy moss and be sure that it will not harm other plants even if the rain spreads it  down through the downspout during the summer shower. You should not panic if you see bubbles forming at the base of your downspouts into the garden. The detergent is just being washed off from the roof, and typically it does not harm the environment or the plants. 

Do you have budding artists at home? 

In case your kids have turned your bedroom walls into their latest crayon masterpiece, you will get very good results by soaking a clot in baking soda and using it to rub off the designs from the wall. It is not very easy to do it, but is surely possible to do it if you are willing to do some hard work. There is no doubt that it will be cheaper than getting the room repainted. 

In the same way if the kids use any of other items or even kitchen countertops as the canvas for their paintings rather than the wall, this time with their favorite medium the permanent marker you have a solution. Dip a paper towel in a solution of rubbing alcohol and clean it off with that. Here also you will have to put in some exceptional effort to get the job done and can take some time. 

You get streaky windows?

In case you are washing the outside as well as the inside of the windows, it is best to use vertical strokes on one side and horizontal on the other. This will tell you immediately which side is forming streaks. You can use vinegar in place of expensive window cleaners for outside windows. 


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