Spring Cleaning With Washing Walls

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It is quite a task to wash the dirty walls around your house. It not only takes up a lot of time but it is also very tiring physically. People who want to clean up all the nooks and corners they will have to do a lot of stretching, reaching, bending and contorting. It takes a lot to wash away the layers of dirt, dirt, grime, smudges, cobwebs, or greasy soot which accumulate with time. Mentioned below are some tricks which will make it simpler. 

Choice of cleaning solutions: The cleaners you choose are very essential and should be according to the wall you are cleaning. You can use a solution of water and clear ammonia. It does have a bad odor, but ammonia has excellent cleaning abilities and is also cheap. If you don’t like the smell you can find other options also. 

You can clean painted walls with non foaming detergent and warm water. It is better to test out the cleaning solution before you actually start using it for cleaning the wall. You have to ensure that the solution removes the grime and not the paint. 

Your strategy for cleaning: When you wash walls you will face streaking and dripping. To make sure that you don’t have to rewash the place you have already cleaned, it is best to begin from the top of the wall and work downwards. Make sure you clean all the corners, baseboards and trims. 

You can use a stable ladder to reach the hard places. The ladder you choose should be of the right size as well as stable. In case you are working in a stairwell, you must use a special ladder designed for uneven surfaces. Place the ladder in the center of the wall right in frontage of the wall which you want to wash. Be careful as you may lose balance trying to over reach or leaning too far. 

Some cleaning tips:

Mentioned below are some useful tips which will help you make the task of washing walls easier.

  • Remove the cobwebs as well as dust bunnies before you start cleaning the wall.

  • The room should especially be well ventilated especially if you are using any strong smelling cleaning solution like ammonia.

  • It is important to change the cleaning solution frequently as the water gets dirty fast when you wash walls.

  • Wipe the walls with a dry cloth to prevent streaking after you have cleaned them.

  • To prevent spoiling the paint job of the wall, don’t use steel wool and abrasive cleaners. You can make use of a toothbrush to clean smaller stains which require gentle and abrasive action.


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