Prom Dress Accessories

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Prom night- the night that you have been waiting for is finally here. You have always wanted to look the best you can on this night. You want to surprise your friends and impress your date with an incredible prom dress.  From getting your hair done, fixing your nails, ensuring the makeup is perfect – you have sorted out everything beforehand. You want to look immaculate on prom night. But there may be a small but important aspect that you maybe forgetting – accessorising your prom dress. 

Accessorising your prom dress can be as crucial as picking the prom dress itself. Without the right accessories, your prom dress could end up looking too plain and you, looking under dressed. Regardless of the type of prom dress that you are going to wear, accessorising the outfit could do you wonders.  We have made a comprehensive list of great accessorising tips for your prom night.

If you are wearing a strapless prom dress or one that has spaghetti straps then, the neckline could look very plain and bare. Hence, it is a good idea to accessorize the outfit with a bright necklace and a pair of matching earrings. If your outfit has lot of sparkle or sequence, a simple necklace will suffice.

Further, a pair of satin gloves or even an elegant shawl will look very fashionable with the strapless prom dress.  Make sure you match the colour of your the gloves and/or shawl with that of your prom dress. This will give the overall look a touch of class and elegance. You can drape the shawl around your neck or let it hang loosely around your arms.

If you aren’t crazy about shawls then a half jacket is also just as fashionable. Half jackets are mostly in satin and hence will match your prom dress. These jackets are available in a range of patterns like see through jackets or those that are designed to cover your mid-section.  Remember to select the jacket that suits you the most and make sure you try in on your prom dress to ensure that you are happy with the final look.

Prom shoes are another important accessory to your prom dress. While deciding the shoe for the night, make sure that you keep the length, fabric and fit of your prom dress in mind. Further, remember to ensure that the colour of the shoe and the dress do not clash –a fashion faux pas.

Finally, remember to smile- that is your best accessory. 


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