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There is a chance that you already know all about air purifiers. Depending on how you came to know about the air purifier, you may also have an idea of how it works. Before going out to buy one though, you have to know what it is and how it works. An air purifier also known as air cleaner, is an electronic equipment and the aim of it is cleaning the air by eliminating harmful particles found in the air. The air particles can also be called air contaminants, regardless of the name used; those particles are harmful to peoples health. This is why doctors recommend that every house should have an air purifier. However, for some owners it is not just a recommendation but a must to own it. 

Maybe you are asking yourself the question – who all must use an air purifier in their homes? People who should consider owning an air cleaner for sure, are homes where someone smokes, people who have a pet, people who have young children at home and people who have an elderly person at home. It has been proven through several researches that cigarette smoke and pets are the main cause of unhealthy particles that are found in homes. The air purifier can help in purifying the air by reducing or completely eliminating those particles. Other than people who live with pets or a smoker, those who are allergic to dust can also benefit when they use purifiers inside their homes. 

If you have understood who will benefit more by owning the air purifier, the next question obviously is how these work. Different air cleaners use different methods to clean the air according to the manufacturers who made them. Despite the difference in how they work, the result is the same. Some of the purifiers use filters or ionizers for cleaning the air by preventing harmful particles to pass through their system making sure that only healthy air passes through. 

When you want to buy an air purifier, you must be extra careful since many manufacturers will tell you that their purifiers are the best which in reality is not the truth. Additionally while purchasing one, keep away from cheap purifiers since most of them have a poor performance while those that perform well have filters that need to be replaced on a regular basis. 


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