Different Auto Navigation Systems

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The auto navigation system made and fitted by the manufacturers today are used because of they are integrated and natural within the vehicles. This is why many people choose to pay more for these factory fitted systems than to have the system installed by someone else. However,  getting the system in this manner means that the user will pay extra cash than getting the auto navigation system installed locally.

When you buy the auto navigation system, you do not have to trade the aesthetic factor for security and safety. Most of the existing brands use suction cups to be installed in the car without a need to remove the stereo or to cut  into the dashboard. If you are price conscious, you will be happy to know that you can get the system at less than $500 and there are some systems that you can install yourself too.

When you go out to buy the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS), remember that all the GPS are not used for navigational purposes, therefore you have to specify your needs well before buying one. Here you have to be clear if you want to use the system for geo caching, biking, boating or hiking. If you are looking for the system to use for driving, you should consider one that has a mapping system. Each system has been designed with features that fits different situations.

If you purchase the system without good planning, you will end up purchasing the wrong auto navigation system.

You can find the system in three different types. They are standalone, handheld and the system that can be attached to laptops, PDAs and the pocket PC.

Each of the above types has its own advantages and disadvantages. So it is up to you to get all the information about every type of auto navigation system and find out which one will be the best according to what you intend to use the system for. The standalone system is designed for those who want to use the system for directions only. The handheld auto navigation system is suited for people who want to use it for off road activities. For example, people who want to use it for hiking, biking and kayaking. However this type of auto navigation system needs an additional software. People who already have a PDA or a laptop can use the software that offers navigational benefits. Since you already have a PDA or a laptop, the auto navigation system will cost you less.


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