Clothes, Jewelery And Perfume For This Summer

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Summer is just around the corner and that means it’s time to get thinking about the appropriate clothes, jewellery and perfume.  The look this summer is going to be all about the glow – both inside and from the outside.

Whether you choose to hit the beach or spend the day lazing around the pool, you are going to need the right wardrobe. This season sees the return of the bikini, with an exciting twist.  You are going to surprised with the variety of choices that you are going to find while looking for the perfect bikini, this summer. You will find different prints, styles and colours that will flatter your body. The colour that is going to be a major hit this season is red. Feel adventurous and experiment with the variety of red shades. From the conventional red to deep read, from bold red to deep burgundy- these are the colours that you are going to make heads turn and transform you into a fashionista.  For instance, the UjENA range of bikinis has incorporated a range of exciting prints like bold stripes, fancy hearts and floral prints. If you think that you are not the kinds that likes to step out of her comfort zone then, tankinis are just as fashionable. However, give the boy shorts a miss this summer. 

After a day spent soaking in the sun, it’s time for a night-out in town. This summer, cocktail dresses will be solid. It will also see the return of coral tones and brown. With regards to style, keep it short yet concealed and sexy. Accessories are always a great way to boost your look. This summer is no different and accessories continue to be just as important. This summer, diamond jewellery is the ‘in’ thing.  These could include rings, earrings or necklaces that are paired with semi-precious or precious stones like topaz or amethyst. This combination of diamonds with semi-precious stones or precious stones is extremely elegant and sophisticated.

No look is complete without a brilliant fragrance. This season try some new fragrances that are young, vibrant and full of freshness. Remember that you don’t want to buy a fragrance that is too over powering and musky instead; buy one that is pleasing on the senses.  

 Finally, remember that to look beautiful it is important to feel beautiful. It is imperative hence, that you keep your body hydrated, skin moisturised and hair nourished. When this is sorted, the clothes, jewellery and fragrance will enhance this inside beauty. 


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