T-Shirts Help You With Self Expression

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Clothes today have come to become more than a garment that is worn to cover your body. Instead, it has become a reflection of the person you are and an indicator of your social status. Flipping through a fashion magazine you will be bombarded with endless coverage of various fashion statements that are constantly being made at fashion runways in New York, Milan and Paris. Sill not convinced? Listen to young girls grumbling about how they must get their hands on the latest fashion accessory and how, what they bought last year is so ‘passé’. Moreover, even men are not free from the ardent task of looking fashionable.

Hence, men and women alike, use apparels to express their inner selves and to convey their social status. For instance, the character portrayed by Meryl Streep in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, is accessorized with immaculate Hermes scarf. Closer to home, Donald Trump is always spotted with over exaggerated ties. These garments are an expression, a physical manifestation of their social status and power.

Back in 1960, T-shirts were the means of expressing one’s self. In those days, simple white T-shirts were transformed by tie-dye into piece of art, spreading strong socially relevant messages. Shortly after, with the use of screen printing, T-shirts with one-liners and messages became very popular. Even music bands had their own lines of branded T-shirts being sold at concerts and fans of these music bands were spotted wearing them as a sign of expressing their own identity.

In more recent times, T-shirts with graphic designs have become a popular tool for branding and promotional activities.  Regardless of whether a famous Disney character or a popular brand name is printed on the T-shirts, it becomes are very effective means of branding and marketing that specific brand. 

Although this form of branding using T-shirts was popularised by the corporate world, it soon became a means of personal expression.  Today, T-shirts have become a means of expressing your ideology, beliefs, identity and philosophy. Moreover, they have become an avenue of even making your sense of humour known to the world through “graphic tees”. These “graphic tees” comprise of a wide range of T-shirts from being funny to quirky to even sometimes, being nasty.

Although graphic tees may be considered by some as being rude, it is also considered by others as being a means of expressing yourself, a means of free speech. Instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, you just prefer wearing it on your chest.


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