Ladies Swimwear Is A Lot About The Right Fit

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A typical women’s swimwear has the ability to stretch all the way up-to a 100%. This means that the swimwear material is able to stretch as much as required to be able to compress your body. However, if you end up stretching the material beyond the ‘comfort zone’ then unflattering bulges will emerge.  It is therefore imperative that if your hip measurement is 41’’, for instance, then you should order a large bottom as opposed to squeezing into a medium size.

Therefore, the key to ensuring the right fit in swimwear is measurements. Here is a quick overview of how measurements are considered in the clothing industry.

Firstly, remember to get your measurements right. We recommend that you use a cloth measuring tape. Moreover, make sure that the tape is not old as this tends to stretch hence, giving you inaccurate measurements. While you are taking your measurements, wear only your regular undergarments.  If you take the measurements over loose fitted y garments then, you end up with inaccurate measurements.

While taking your waist measurements, use a string and tie it snugly around your trunk. This will automatically fall to the part of your trunk that is narrowest. In the event that your waist is high, it’s a good idea to take the measurement of the circumference of the area that you usually wear your trousers.

To get the right measurements of your chest, place the measurement tape around that part of your chest that you feel is the fullest. Ensure that the tape is parallel to the ground and then measure the width of the widest area of your chest. Similarly, while measuring your hips, remember to measure the widest part of your hips. This will ensure that your measurements are accurate.

Finally, there are some other things that you need to remember while taking your measurements:

It’s always better to have someone else that will take your measurements. When you take your own measurements, it is hard to maintain the right posture- an essential requirement to obtain accurate measurements.

While taking measurements always stand in an upright position. Avoid taking measurement with all your clothes on. Remember to wear your most comfortable and well fitted bra.

Once you have obtained your measurements, rounding them off to the closest half a centimetre or quarter an inch is advisable.

If you need more information on style, fit or size, visit numerous websites related to  women’s swimwear .


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