Modern Day Spring Cleaning

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In the modern times the way people clean their homes and the things they use for cleaning has changed a lot. There are times when spring cleaning does not take place during spring. During Victorian times warm weather suggested that one could stop burning coal and begin removing the blackish dust from coal from the furnishings. Now the methods of heating have changed and don’t need any major seasonal cleanup. 

During the 1940s pungent cleaning chemicals were introduced in the market for getting rid of difficult stains in fabric as well as ovens. This kind of spring cleaning was very tough on the eyes, throat and nose. 

Presently we have more environment friendly and organic cleaning products. You can even use white vinegar and water solution on dust stains which are seen in cotton curtains and drapes. Chrome furniture will shine with cider vinegar, and this is also good for eliminating pet odors. 

Mix half cup of vinegar as well as baking soda and after a few minutes add into it 2 quarts of hot boiling water and this can be poured down into the bathroom and kitchen drains so that they don’t get choked and keep clean. If you want a spring time scented home put some vanilla extract over a cotton ball or simmer pieces of cinnamon in water which can be used as an herbal bouquet for your home. 

There has a great development in the trash cans you keep in your home. Most of us hate to take out the trash and unwillingly take out the trash twice a week or so. In fact there are over 50 percent people who will prefer to wash dirty, moldy dishes which pile up than to take the trash out regularly. We can deny that trash is an inevitable part of our life; it is a great idea to spend money on the latest kind of trash can which has been designed to be long lasting as well as more hygienic. There is a new kind of trash can which has been designed by magikan, which is available with a gentle and unobtrusive scented liner which is continuous. It will put an end to lugging messy and heavy trash bags outside from your home and also saving you from touching the repulsive old trash which is packed with germs. 

Industrial-strength plastic has been used to construct this latest trash can and it has been designed with a lid which is self-sealing which removes odors. The rim is spill-free which makes sure that all the trash and liquids which is thrown fall inside the garbage bag.


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